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The First Day of School is an exciting time for children and parents! Read on for more information about what to do and expect on your first day at The Giving Tree!


Before your child begins attending the Giving Tree, we require payment of the Enrollment Fee and one working day for processing. You may bring your child during this period, for a couple of hours to help them get acquainted with the school, the classroom and the teacher.

What to Expect:

Children need time to adjust the first few times they experience a new environment separated from their parents. In order to help them feel at ease, we encourage parents to prepare the child at home, and then to develop a parting routine to assist in their child’s transitions. Most children will settle quickly; they are reassured by the teacher and become interested in the toys and other children. The school is happy to assist in developing a transition period procedure at the request of the parents.

​On the first day, please bring the following items for your child:

  • Any forms or fees that were not previously handed in*
  • A bottle of water or sippy cup, or a refillable water bottle
  • A healthy snack in a labeled container (if they are having a snack from home)
  • A lunch box with their name on it (if they are Full-Day and having lunch from home)
  • A complete change of clothing, weather appropriate
  • Diapers, wipes or extra training underwear
  • Swimming suit, towel and goggles if it is a swimming or water play day

​Please do not bring:

  • Candy, gum, soda pop, nuts or popcorn
  • Toys from home (a soothie or blanket for naptime this is fine)
  • Clothing or shoes that are difficult to put on/take off
  • Unlabeled clothing or any unlabeled items from home

We're Here to Help!

Please be sure to speak with our office staff if there are any questions you have regarding the above procedures.