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At The Giving Tree School, we believe that early childhood lays the foundation for the development of environmentally responsible adults, and that we play an important role in teaching our children to honor life and the wonders the world holds.

We believe in creating a fun, supportive, and safe learning environment that is based on respect for each child, and which embraces how special each child is. Through our play-based program, children can share experiences with friends and care for others. This method also gives them opportunities to build their independence and confidence through a variety of activities and intentional learning spaces. We base our success on how happy we all are together. We know that children thrive and learn best when they have the time and space to wonder, to imagine, to ask questions, to actively participate in order to explore the world around them and to discover how they fit into it.

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Our Mission

The Giving Tree supports children to thrive as unique individuals in a home-like environment within a multicultural community. We provide caring and qualified educators who nurture the whole child to reach their potential while promoting environmental responsibility.


Our Green Statement

The Giving Tree believes strongly in the following environmental principles:

During early childhood the foundation is laid for the development of environmentally responsible adults. The Giving Tree plays an important role in teaching our children to honor life and the wonders the world holds.

The Giving Tree’s day-to-day activities have an important impact on the local and global environment; our health and well-being are closely tied to our natural environment.

The Giving Tree School is committed to ensuring that its operations are environmentally responsible, and to communicating the importance of conservation and appreciation for all creatures. We strive to utilize environmentally friendly practices within the school. Some examples of this include: creating recycled art, consuming local produce and foods, using all-natural handmade soap, natural nontoxic cleaning products, paper towels from recycled materials, and nontoxic paint for art and building renovations.