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The Giving Tree’s curriculum has been created and developed using the play-based philosophy of early childhood learning and supplemented with some of the leading international early childhood learning standards and methods.

We believe that each child is unique and learns in ways both similar to and different from others; therefore each group of children learns and develops in a way that is distinct from any other, and our curriculum is designed to support this, and to inspire each child's imagination, creativity and development at his or her own rate.

Communication and Language

Children are supported to build their competence in spoken language including their ability to listen to others, reflect on what has been said, articulate their thoughts and express their opinions. Children also build their vocabulary and are provided a foundation for writing.

Problem Solving and Mathematical Development

Children are guided to understand basics concepts of shapes, measurement, and the ability to orient in time and space but also help children to develop their skills in recognizing numbers.

Understanding of the World

Children will be encouraged to develop respect for, and interest in different cultures, people and all things living. Children will actively participate in their environment and work with a range of materials, conduct practical experiments, interact with living things such as plants, and use a range of tools to learn about their environment.

Physical Skills and Well Being

Children will be supported to be physically active and to know their bodies through a variety of activities to develop skills such as coordination, control and movement. Children are encouraged to expand their understanding of sharing, taking turns and cooperation with others. Children are guided to realize the importance of healthy living and taking care of their bodies.

Creative Development

Children will be encouraged to express their enjoyment, thoughts and experiences. Children will have many opportunities to build, create and construct using different materials and techniques and through a variety of media including art, music, dance, yoga, and role play/theater.


International Primary Curriculum

For our Kindergarten (Elephants) Class and our Primary Classes, the Giving Tree uses the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), which is internationally recognized and compliments the Giving Tree's curriculum to further support each child's growth and development.

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